About DreamWolf       

I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself  -  MARK TWAIN

DreamWolf is an Independent Flm Development and Production Company based in England with a slate of prestigious and innovative projects. We are currently developing films that are both original and commercial. Truly successful movies are the ones that not only have something new to offer but combine originality, a well-told story, and a unique style. These are the films that use and inspire the imagination of an audience, that leave them awestruck. These are the films that reap the greatest rewards. DreamWolf has both the talent and imagination to do this far better than most.


We are working  with top Authors, Writers, Producers & Directors on an un-rivalled  and inventive slate of  high appeal projects. 

We want to make the films we’d like to watch and and the public want to see. Films bursting at the seams with image, action and emotion - Films that transport us into another world…indeed 'the stuff that dreams are made of…'


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