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At this moment in time, I don't know where The President of The United States is. In fact no-one has seen him in days… Perhaps it may be best to keep this our little secret.

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In 1918 the American President, on his way to Paris to sign the peace treaty to end WW1, escapes his aides and minders for a few days with his new wife. Secretly, and in disguise he visits his much beloved English Lake District in an attempt to re-discover his past and make the biggest decision of his life. Here he meets his old friend, Fred Yates, a quirky English artist with a wild daughter intent on marrying a German P.O.W. But the war has left its mark even in this sleepy part of England and emotions are running high. Neither is the course of true love running smoothly for  the President… Amidst a series of errors, a life threatening adventure and the devious machinations of England, France and even some of his own people, he formulates a vision for world peace and the creation of The League of Nations - forerunner to the U.N.

Based on a recently discovered letter from President Woodrow Wilson to a hotel owner in the Lake District.

Genre: Period Drama.

Screenplay by Tony Lindsay & David Lewis Richardson 


So let's get this straight… Everyone here's dead...

Urban magic,  a sacred pagan pool, a dysfunctional bullied boy, a beautiful water nymph, sexual awakening and a very dark secret are just some of the ingredients  of this adult fairy tale described as a rival to 'Hunger Games' and 'Harry potter'.  A juxtaposition of Celtic myth and gritty reality, in which Arthur Braxton finds a mystical world below a derelict swimming baths. 

The Film Project was created in tandem with the the novel which was published in April 2013 by Harper Collins to tremendous critical review.  We're very excited with this project which has not only been described as a Masterpiece, but has tremendous commercial potential with the teen/young adult demographic.

'The Drowning of Arthur Braxton is by far the most breathtaking, heartbreaking book I have ever read...'

Genre: Fantasy, Teen Romance.

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So you are a Romantic then Girl. The State cannot tolerate this selfishness. It cannot wait for you to find the right man. All men are the right men as far as The State is concerned. Listen child it is your National Duty to conceive as soon as you are able. We are simply here to help you...


‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ has been consistently amongst the top ten most popular books for over 150 years, let alone a number of very successful films. And, its themes of wrongful imprisonment, corrupting power, hidden treasure, disguise, jealousy, revenge and redemption are perennial. This film brings the story into the 21st Century with a female protagonist set against a dark landscape of Romania, England, Malta, and a backdrop of Swiss Banks, Sword-fencers, Prisons, The Securitate, Politicians, Defectors, Duels and Nazi’s. 

The story of a Romanian orphan who returns to her homeland to be abused and imprisoned. Escaping and finding immense wealth, she reinvents her past and exacts a carefully designed revenge on her abusers who have risen to the upper echelons of politics, business and society. However her plans have devastating consequences for the innocent as well as the guilty. And at what point does revenge harm the perpetrator more than the victim…  An Action Adventure Thriller that journeys from the darkest depths of despair to finally find light, joy and hope.

Genre: Action/Adventure


You sure you want me to go rescue him Sarge?  It's dangerous and dark and maybe you can't see what color he is in this light...

An English Affair is the story of one Black American G.I. in England whose open love affair with a wild aristocratic English girl during WWII leads to condemnation and jealously in the face of class and segregation. His reputation as a war hero cannot prevent him from being ‘set-up’ and accused of rape.

Against a background of military action, mutiny, friendship, loyalty and love he must face execution and only one girl can save him - but she lies in a coma over 200 miles away as a virtual prisoner.

During World War II many black American soldiers were hanged in England – most on charges of rape. No white Americans found guilty of the same crime were executed. It had been agreed by Parliament that no American military court on British soil could impose a sentence more severe than that of an English court for the same crime. Under English law the crime of rape did not carry the death penalty. Someone changed the rules…  

Genre: Period, Action/Adventure, Romance.

Screenplay by David Lewis Richardson.


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It’s Downton Abbey meets Cecil B. DeMille. Following the rise and fall of Britain’s greatest and most innovative film producer from 1910 to 1929. George Bertie Samuelson grew from obscurity to become the friend of Royalty to Charlie Chaplin and the enemy of Eddison and the Mafia. Creating the foundations of modern epic movies and leading a life more colourful than many of his characters this series follows ‘Bertie’ as he rises from awestruck penniless teenager to become the true founder of British Cinema and a majoe influence on Hollywood.

Script by David Lewis Richardson & Tony Lindsay.

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